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Beratung vom Fachanwalt für weeNexx Insolvenz & Anlagebetrug

Compensation WEE - Group

Interest group against WEE - Group

In view of the current legal situation, buyers of shares, tokens and WEE packages should not hesitate to report their case through us to the investigating public prosecutor's office at the Munich I District Court (Case No. 568 Js 12961/22, 128227/21, 151226/22, 313 Js 184239/22). We will provide grounds on why and how much damage has been caused.

What is our aim?

To claim damages by May 2023!

WEE packages, shares and tokens were sold across Europe with the understanding that the funds would be used to develop a revolutionary fintech company. These were issued by means of cashback to mobile payments and blockchain technology to a digital payment system for a new era of financial opportunities. Specifically, the tokens were advertised as follows:

The operational foundation for the quantum leap to global Bluechip begins with the transfer of the existing cashback business to the Blockchain. For this purpose, wee will initially issue the weeICOToken (WIT) as part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). WIT can be purchased during the ICO and will be traded on various crypto exchanges after the completion of the ICO. Once the ICO is complete, participation in the weeMarketplace community will only be possible for WIT holders. This will substantially increase the demand for WIT. For 2018/2019, we plan to attract 500,000 consumers, 30,000 conventional retailers and 1,300 operators of well-known online shops, established users of our wee infrastructure and potential users of our own blockchain-based new wee cryptocurrency. There will be more every day. Our goals are incredibly ambitious. So far we have successfully realised all these goals "just in time".

Under certain circumstances, customers could collect cashback, but they got no return and the traders suffered a loss because they had to deposit the cashback given to customers into a wee account first. Consequently, approximately 130 million euros were squandered by means of packages, shares and tokens over a period of more than 10 years.

Business partners and former employees who have already shared their internal knowledge to the public prosecutor's office are cooperating with us. While the accusation of investment fraud is present, the presumption of innocence applies. However, injured parties that do not come forward with regards to the criminal proceedings simply shall not be considered, and therefore cannot benefit from the provisions on recovery assistance of the German Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) and would have to file a civil suit at even higher costs.

What does Recovery Assistance mean pursuant to the German Code of Criminal Procedure?

Recovery assistance is an instrument under German criminal law used to recover assets derived from criminal offences and to return them to the rightful owner.

Assets derived from criminal offences can be confiscated during the course of criminal proceedings. Recovery assistance allows the rightful owner to reclaim these assets. This may be the case, for example, with stolen property or funds acquired through fraud. Special features of recovery assistance include, on the one hand, that it is carried out ex officio by the public prosecutor's office or the courts, and on the other hand, that both the rightful owner and the offender or third parties in possession of the asset can be involved in the proceedings.

In addition to the StGB, there are also other provisions that may be relevant to recovery assistance. These include, for example, the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO) and the Law on International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (IRG) when it comes to cross-border cases. In Europe, many more countries have regulations on recovery assistance. Examples include:

  • Slovenia: Zakon o zasegu in odtujitvi premoženja nezakonitega izvora
  • Slovakia: Zákon o odoberaní majetku z trestnej činnosti
  • Poland: Ustawa o przeciwdziałaniu praniu pieniędzy oraz finansowaniu terroryzmu oraz o stosowaniu środków zabezpieczających wobec przedmiotów pochodzenia przestępczego
  • Czech Republic: Zákon o zajištění a zabavení majetku

What is an Adhesion Procedure?

Adhesion proceedings give the injured person the opportunity to pursue his or her pecuniary claims arising from a criminal offence in criminal proceedings without having to initiate further civil proceedings. With the adhesion procedure, a civil law claim can therefore also be pursued in criminal proceedings. What does a lawyer have to bear in mind during such adhesion proceedings? On this page you will find the most important basics and information about the adhesion procedure and its process.

What are the specific advantages of Victim-Offender Mediation (VOM)?

On the one hand, VOM enables the victim, whose participation must always be voluntary, to actively and personally contribute his or her interests and perspective of the offence and to clarify its material and immaterial consequences. Restitution payments voluntarily accepted by the offender within the framework of a VOM can often be better suited to the restitution interests of the victim than by means of a court order for damages and compulsory execution, which is often not very promising.

What do we do for you?

We will formulate and substantiate your criminal complaint to the Munich I Public Prosecutor's Office and represent you during the entire criminal proceedings, including recovery assistance, regardless of how long the proceedings take. The aim is to liquidate your damages within the framework of criminal proceedings.


You will incur one-off costs depending on the severity of damages suffered. This means that purchase prices for packages, shares and tokens are to be added up per person:

Damages up to 3.000 € 99 €
Damages up to 22.000 € 199€
Damages up to 75.000 € 299€
Damages up to 100.000 € 499€
Damages more than 100.000,00 € 999€

What do we require from you?

  • Copy of passport or identity card
  • signed power of attorney and acknowledgement of receipt,
  • Transfer of fee/invoice,
  • Copies of purchase receipts,
  • any data available from private legal expenses insurers,

We will only be able to start once the documents are available and the costs have been paid.

Anwaltskanzlei mit Mandanten-Vertretung in Europa

Rechtsanwalt Jens Reime - Where are we active?

We represent you throughout Europe in Germany, France, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, England orSlovenia!

We already successfully represent clients throughout Europe:

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No matter where you are located, we represent you! Feel free to reach out to us regarding any matter concerning weeNexx AG - together, we form an interest group.

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